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Welcome to Year 4!

Thursday 27th April

Pine have been identifying the purposes and features of an advert…

Thursday 16th March

In Year 4 we have been doing lots of science this week. We are investigating the effect of different foods (including coke, orange juice and vinegar) on eggs. The eggs are to simulate teeth as part of our work on keeping teeth healthy. We have predicted our results and will see what happens to our “teeth” next week!”



Wednesday 8th March


Children used blue plaque tablets to identify whether they have been brushing well enough!


Out topic: Digestive system and teeth!

Thursday 2nd March

Year 4 role played the story of “Tuesday,” in order to help us write detailed descriptive diary entries from the point of view of the characters in the story.

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Thursday 26th January

Year 4 have been working on identifying features of leaflets...

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Thursday 19th January

Year Four have been preparing to become toy designers by planning their own toys which have inputs and outputs. In the next few weeks they will turn these paper designs into animated designs with real inputs and outputs using the Scratch program!

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Monday 9th January

If you’re ever in need of a shelter to be built – Come and find Year 4!

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