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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Thursday 27th April

During WOW day we made boats out of paper, tin foil and plasticine to see which material floated the best. We tested them by counting how many cubes they could hold before they sank.

Picture 1

Thursday 16th March

As part of our literacy lesson, the children have been looking at information texts on animals.

We have spent this week reading a variety of information text and fact sheets.

We have also learnt about our special friend called Tipsaphadi, who helps us to remember what we need to put in an information text.

(Title, Introduction, Picture, Subheading, Ambitious vocab, Paragraphs, Habitat, Appearance, Diet Interesting fact)

Thursday 9th March

This week we have been learning about fractions. The children are working on ½ ¾ 1/4. We have seen some excellent examples of how to use fractions in our learning.

Challenge question:

I have 20 books ¼ are non-fiction how many books do I have left?

Friday 24th February

Literacy Challenge!

Have a look at a letter, what features can you find? Can you write your own letter?

Thursday 19th January

Maths Challenge!

Next time you go shopping with your parents or carers, try to work out how much everything will cost by adding the prices together.

If you are paying with cash, do you think you can work out the change before the shopkeeper?


Thursday 12th January 2017

Look at the wonderful castles some children have made during the wow day. Lots of effort and hard work has gone into these so very well done! (and thank you to parents for donating cardboard boxes!)

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