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Thursday 9th March

Year One have been learning about different types of weather this week. 
Challenge- find out some facts about different extreme or severe weather types to share with your friends in school! We can't wait to hear them! :)

Thursday 2nd March

Year One have been learning all about multiplying this week. Look at Daniel's fantastic piece of work. Can you teach somebody else to multiply using your own socks?

Picture 1

Thursday 23rd February

Year 1 had a fantastic WOW day to introduce their topic 'Splendid Skies' We enjoyed sharing all about our different superhero powers...

If you could be a superhero what power would you have?

Thursday 19th January

Look at the map of London below. CHALLENGE! Find out any interesting facts about any famous London landmarks and share them with the rest of your class!

Picture 1

Thursday 12th January 


This week we have learning all about the Queen, following a wonderful visit from Her Royal Highness. Your challenge is to find out an interesting fact about the Queen and share it with the rest of your class.


Prizes for the most amount of facts shared! 

Picture 1

Friday 2nd December


Year One have been creating pieces of artwork inspired by Lowry. We have used water colour paints and fine liner pens.

Picture 1

Year One have enjoyed writing instructions and learning how to make sandwiches this week. Can you write your own instructions for how to make your favourite sandwich?

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