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Thursday 16th March

This week in nursery we have made our own musical instruments with various materials, both shiny and non-shiny. Also we made shiny stars with salt dough and we made own shiny rockets that will help us reach the stars. It has been a beautiful learning experience.

Friday 3rd March

This week in Nursery we have been learning about shiny and non-shiny objects. We went on a shiny treasure hunt and found lots of shiny treasures. We enjoyed delicious shiny chocolate coins and explored painting on shiny foil, it was amazing. We talked about our shiny rockets during show and tell. It has been a shiny fun filled learning week!

Thursday 30th January

This week in Nursery we are learning all about dragons. We have made dragons with playdough and other materials. We have made Chinese dragon puppets using various media. We have observed aqua dragon eggs using magnifying glass. We have compared different dragon sizes using vocabulary such as  tallest, taller, shorter, smaller, bigger etc. It has been an exciting experience for the children.

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Monday 9th January 

This week in nursery, we have learnt about people who live in the castles such as : The Queen , knights, king, prince, princesses. We built a castle with the support of an adult in the home corner. We have enjoyed dressing up as queens, kings, and knights. We also enjoyed playing with castle small people world. We had The Queen visit the nursery and every one of us were surprised. We asked the queen loads of questions about life in the castle.

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