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Year 4

Year 4 Overview 2020 - 2021

Autumn Half Term 1 - Potions


Poisonous potions, aromatic brews, vapour or a stick goo... Welcome to the amazing world of potions!


By reading an extract from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, we'll learn all about mysterious potions and write a safety label for Alice's bottle. We'll sort everyday items into solids, liquids and gases. Using our investigation skills we'll explore capacity and the properties of liquids. Becoming super scientists, we'll investigate chemical reactions and states of matter. We'll research the use of anaesthetic and learn what life was like without it! The play, Macbeth will inspire us to write scripts and we'll think of an alternative ending for this tragic tale. We'll write spells with magical, strange or gruesome effects - what ingredients will we use? 


Help your child prepare for their project


'Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.' Why not hunt around the house to track down a wide variety of items and sort them into solids, liquids and gases? Alternatively, you could try baking something new together, thinking about how the ingredients change when you mix and cook them. 

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