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Year 3

Year 3 Overview 2020 - 2021

Autumn Half Term 1 - Mighty Metals


Mighty metals are everywhere! From earrings to rockets, metals have shaped the world we live in today.


This half term, we're going to become fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials. We'll look closely at levers and explore how they help us to lift heavy objects. To learn more about forces, we'll make spinners, play with parachutes and make magnetic games. We'll also investigate iron, think about why some metals rust and discover the properties of different metals. Using pots, pans and other metal objects, we'll compose a metal musical extravaganza and use out artistic skills to create embossed patterns and pictures. 


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Metals and magnets are everywhere! Why not do a hunt around the house to see how metal is used? You could also make fridge magnets using a flat magnet, glue and modelling clay or recycled materials. Alternatively, you could build models using blocks or recycled materials and investigate the force needed to knock them over!

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