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Autumn Half Term 1 - What's that sound? 


Listen carefully… What can you hear? Is it a loud sound, or a quiet sound? We’ll find out all about sounds and music in this exciting, noisy project.


This half term, we’ll go on a sound walk to see what we can hear and identify where the sounds are coming from. Back in the classroom, we’ll play with noisy toys, listen to sound and audiobook recordings and make our own. Playing percussion instruments will be lots of fun (and very noisy). In the outdoor setting, we’ll listen carefully and describe the similarities and differences between sounds we can hear. We’ll read fiction books about different sounds and join in with rhymes, raps and poems. During our music work, we’ll listen to different pieces, march to military music and play a variety of instruments. We’ll think about loud and quiet sounds, and when these are most appropriate. Noisy Poems by Jill Bennett will help us to explore onomatopoeic words such as pop, crash and buzz. Using our mathematics skills, we’ll ring bells a given number of times, and sing number-themed songs. We’ll also investigate how sounds are made by feeling the vibrations when we speak.


At the end of the project, we’ll listen to live music and perform our dances, music and poetry for an audience.


Help your child prepare for their project

Let’s make music! Why not make maracas together using small bottles filled with rice or dried lentils? You could also listen to different types of music, discussing which music you like and why. Alternatively, read books or sing songs with repeated refrains.